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Padre Pio School


Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE)

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) has become a mandatory part of the curriculum and parents no longer have the right to withdraw their child from these lessons. To reassure parents, we have been teaching RSE for a couple of years and our aims and vision of RSE remain unchanged.


We continue to deliver provision designed to assist in the formation of the whole person and to do so in ways that are developmentally appropriate, serve the specific needs of pupils and are in harmony with the Teachings of the Catholic Church.


RSE is intended to help children to develop healthy relationships and behaviours with their friends and families, based on kindness, empathy and respect. This is important for them to develop as ‘healthy, confident individuals’ with positive social, emotional and mental well-being.


RSE is also intended to keep children safe and to protect their well-being. This is critical as technology and society continue to change rapidly. RSE helps children recognise relationships and situations that might put them at risk of harm. It can support all children with what they need to know and what to do to keep safe and how to seek help.


The main programme we use is called Life to the Full and you can view the resources the school will be using by logging on to the parent portal at:


School login: padre-pio-np4

Password: conifer-15